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funeral ceremony


The different ethnic groups inhabiting Sulawesi, through their encounter with the modern world gradually accept modern technology and yet retain their ancient custom and culture, each to his own.

The Buginese, the Makassarese and the Mandarese, inhabitants of the southern coast of Sulawesi have many things in common, but for the observant, ones they will discover the many small differences too.

The Torajanes up in the mountainous area of the province of south Sulawesi, never stop to amaze people with their most elaborate mystical burial ceremonies, ancient they might be, but surprisingly intricately intertwined with what we called the principles of humanity and social solidarity.

Their unigue boat – shaped traditional houses the Tongkonan with the buffalo horn-like roofs, hold the Philosophy of life and death. The stone graves scattered throughout, the Tana Toraja, the hanging graves are a mystical enhancement to the beauty of the surrounding nature.

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