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Bike Tour Germany (BTG for short) has friendly and experienced motorcycle tour guides, which are also certified motorcycle safety instructors. At BTG you are going to ride a guided motorcycle tour through the alpine region of Germany, Austria and Italy with an English speaking tour guide.

The European Alps, ...(read more)which range from the eastern mountain ridge in Slovenia, down to the west of the French Sea-Alps, are multicultural and different in any way. Small canyons and valleys, hidden lakes, away from the main routes and classic touristic attractions, is what we are going to show our guests.The landscape changes permanently, also the different population with their cultural differences, dialects and life styles. This is the variety, you are going to experience when you travel with us.

The Alps are the one region in the world, where a motorcycle traveler will find so many different cultures packed into such a small geographical area, which cannot be seen by just busting through.

I like

Motorcycle of course, but also Scuba Diving, tried Sky-Diving, got the V8-Fever in the US and like interesting motorcycle.

My perfect day

Arriving at the Hotel with my guests and seeing the "big Fat" smile in their faces.

I have traveled to

Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and about 10 other countries in Europe

I speak

German of course, cause I am German. But I lived also for about 7 years in California. The funny dialect call "English" isn't a problem.

I am currently

In the near of Munich an have all tours 2011 in the European Alps scheduled.


High Mountain Tour (Motorcycle)

Munich 6 days 6 max. 0 reviews

The first day on the road is a relaxing ride through the Bavarian countryside. The scenery takes an exciting turn as the Alps come into view, dominating the horizon. Your introduction to mountain riding is via the narrow, wild “Hahntennjoch”. These winding and steep road climbs over the peaks of the mountain and offer challenges to the rider During the next few days, as we explore the Alps in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. You will enjoy pass rides on wonderful small and twisty roads. We are in excellent hotels while not driving, relaxing and enjoying the view onto the Mountains. All accommodations have been carefully chosen. The beauty of northern Italy, where the striking scenery and exciting riding will need all of your attention to drive streets like the “Gavia Pass”, an old military road (newly rebuild, but still very small). Munich - Austria - Italy High Alpine Region



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Castles Tour (Motorcycle Tour)

Munich 10:00hs 6 max. 0 reviews

Most of the “Romantic Castles” of King Ludwig II are south of Munich. The castle tour is going through some of the oldest and most famous areas of Germany. It follows the Medieval and Roman trade routes in part and there are numerous cities and places with impressive sights along the road. Through river valleys and wide meadows that continue to the magnificent Alps.



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Italian Alps: The Dolomites (Motorcycle Tour)

Munich 6 days 6 max. 0 reviews

From Munich the ride goes via Austria, to one of the most interesting areas of the Italian Alps. “Süd Tirol”, northern Italy. It has the most hairpins (switch backs) of nearly all areas in the Alps. The magnificent mountains and the super roads make this tour to one of the highlights. Munich --> Austria --> Italien Alps Region



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We do not have Motorcycles to Rent, but we partnering with a couple of Rental Places here in Munich. All posted pricing is in EURO and include VAT (Mehrwertsteuer), Cash only.


Castles around Munich

Oct 2010

Munich has about 5 Castles very close by and another 20 in the near area. That leaves enough room for exploration on a motorcycle. (read more)