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Prahova Valley Tour

Bran 10:00hs 49 max. 0 reviews

Travel to Romania and visit the most important touristic objectives in our country located among Prahova Valley: Dracula's Castle(Bran Castle) and Peles Castle. This 1 day tour reveals an amazing history and a time of mistery and magic. Program - departure from Bucharest to Sinaia - visit Sinaia Monastery and Peles Castle - continue the off-road trails to Dracula's Castle and visit - leave for Brasov to visit the Black Church and the Council Square - optional lunch - return to Bucharest Highlights Sinaia Monastery - this is the first settlement in this area. The Sinaia resort was developed around this objective. The churches are to be found in Prahova Valley and can be visited everyday. If you choose to make a tour and visit it you may want to find out that every Sunday the priests over there keep a ceremonial. The monastery has two churches: an old one, the first one built here, in the lands of Prahova Valley, and the new one, a bigger one. The last one had to be build because more people started to show up at church in Sundays. Among Peles Castle this is the most important touristic objective in Sinaia. You don't have to be a religious person to come and visit this place; you just have to be curious. The history of the old church starts with its founder, Cantacuzino, which together with his wife and sister, went to Sinai Mountain and prayed to St. Ecaterina church. Cantacuzino, being impressed by this place he than returned to Romania and built a wonderful church in memory of St. Ecaterina. Peles Castle - the most important touristic objective in Sinaia and one of the most imposing ones in Romania. This castle can also be called a palace due to its value and interior architecture. A tour of Prahova Valley can't miss a place like this. Everything about this amazing building is breathtaking. You can compare it with any castle from France on Loire Valley. This palace was the residence of King Carol the 1st. He needed a place for summer time to spend his holiday vacations with his family. It was built just for accommodation purposes made mostly of wood. The King was an admirer of wood sculpting and he dedicated many parts of his castle to this art. If you choose to make a tour inside the castle you can see many wonderful artworks. Being located in Prahova Valley, offers the castle so many advantages: fresh air, amazing view of the nature and mountains, peace and many others. Book a Prahova Valley Tour now and get to know all these feelings. Dracula's Castle - the correct name is Bran Castle. This is the world wide known castle of Dracula, an amazing place, located in Bran resort. It started to be so famous thanks to the novelist Bram Stoker. He is the author of the novel "Dracula". Wanting to write a science fiction book he had to get some ideas from the real world so he found an interesting story in Romania. He heard about a leader, Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler). Why was he such an interesting story for Bram Stoker? That's easy: Tepes traveled in Prahova Valley any many others area. He was a cruel leader: he would take all the villains and punish them by murder in a twisted way; he had spikes inserted in a pit and he would push the villains in them. The story has it that he gathered around all the poor people who wouldn't have a job and kill them all for being so weak and after that gathered all the rich people that couldn't explain their fortune and kill them all also. Many believe that the name "Dracula" comes from the father of Vlad Tepes. He was a part of an army called "The Dragon Army". From the term "Dragon" people started to call Vlad Tepes - Vlad Dracul (Dracul = Evil). In his novel, Bram Stoker never mentioned the name of Bran Castle but he described it so well that everybody could imagine that this was the castle that he was writing about. If you want to hear and find out more just contact us and we will book a Prahova Valley Tour just for you. Black Church - this is one of the biggest churches in Europe. This is the place that had central heating for the first time in Romania. It holds the biggest pipe-organ in Europe with over 10.000 tubes. In its history it was named St. Mary but then it caught on fire and the named changed to the Black Church due to the dark color of the walls from the fire and the smoke. It is located in Brasov, a town full of history and wonderful architecture. The fastest way to get there is by driving through the Prahova Valley. With a short tour of this church you can see all the mysteries of this place. http://rent-jeep.ro/Prahova_valley_tour.html

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The symbolic power of Guimarães

Guimarães 02:30hs 15 max. 0 reviews

A tour about the symbolic power of Guimarães along the centuries. Considered to be the "cradle of Portugal", where according to tradition our first king was born, Guimarães was listed as UNESCO's World Heritage for its amazingly preserved historical center. During 2012, and part of 2013, Guimarães was also European Capital of Culture.

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Antrim Coast Day Tour

Belfast 08:00hs 6 max. 0 reviews

We pick you up at your Hotel, B&B or Guesthouse. Theres no silly early starts or having to travel to meet a coach. So you wont miss the breakfast you have paid for already. Youll be travelling in a small group with a Blue Badge Guide. Tour includes a packed Picnic Lunch to maximise your day. Its possible to visit Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and Bushmills Distillery as well as the Giants Causeway. In a People Carrier that can take the true coastal route of the Torr Head Road. Children under 8 cannot take the Distillery Tour (Their Rules). Many people do not dare cross the Indiana Jones style rope bridge.

Guided by:Justin Macartney



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Peles & Bran Castles and Brasov Full Day Tour

Bran 13:00hs 8 max. 0 reviews

The tour starts in Bucharest at 8 am, at your hotel. The tour ends at 8 - 9 pm at your hotel, it takes 12 - 13 hours. What you will visit: - The famous Peles Castle in Sinaia - The Sinaia Monastery - The famous Bran Castle(Dracula`s castle) - The famous Gothic Black Church in Brasov - The Council Square in Brasov Peles Castle Short information At 44 km far from Brasov, situated in Sinaia, The Peles Castle is considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe. It was the final resting place for several Romanian monarchs including King Carol I, who died here in 1914. The castle was built in wood, stone, bricks and marble and comprises more than 160 rooms. The representative style used is German Renaissance, but one can easily discover elements belonging to the Italian Renaissance, Gothic, German Baroque and French Rococo style. * This tour not operates Monday and Tuesday!

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Buda & Pest - kings & queens tour

Budapest 06:00hs 10 max. 0 reviews

You have a full day for sightseeing in Budapest and you're ready for learning while being entertained? This is your tour! This full day tour with lunch break will give you the chance to be charmed by the pearl of the Danube. You'll see the most important historical sights on both sides of the river. Not just facts and figures but behind the scenes stories as well, to make sure you'll feel like a local at the end of the tour.

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Seven castles - seven stories

Luxembourg City 1 day 5 max. 0 reviews

Discover the beauty of the majestic castles and chateaux in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Take a ride with the visit of seven castles and chateaux and get to know their history. In a luxurious mini-bus with a maximum of seven passengers enjoy a day (about 9 hours) the beautiful landscapes of Luxembourg. Visit with your guide the historic town of Vianden. Free admission to the castles, free drinks and snacks on board the bus. Free souvenir photo.

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King Henry VIII & his wives

London 04:00hs 10 max. 0 reviews

Select the castles you would like to visit from amongst King Henry's favourites. Hever Castle - home of Anne Boleyn, Knole - the calendar house, Penshurst Place - a favourite for hunting, Hampton Court - a palace fit for an archbishop, or a king? So many to chose from, take your pick and I will devise the best tour to suit you.

Guided by:Dawn Blee England



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A Night in Malbork Castle An unforgettable private night tour of the castle

Malbork 05:00hs 5 max. 0 reviews

ONLY FROM 16 SEPTEMBER TILL 14 APRIL The medieval monk-knight takes you through the dark castle, and the most important rooms, he sees you through the history of the crusades. Unforgettable tour, really a hit!! Imagine an absolutley private night tour of Malbork Castle. In the evening - the whole place is quiet... The whole place is dark... It is easier to see the details of the castle in the evening - when the light is focused on them. With the darkness and silence of the place - it also is easier to understand the phenomenon of medieval life that existed here centuries ago.

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Wine Tasting Tour

Saint Tropez 07:00hs 4 max. 0 reviews

On the Wine road again Wining and Dining in the South of France with a wine specialist A Full Day tour in gently undulating countryside with several stops in the Wine Country On this tour you’ll visit that very same winery and taste their best vintages. In fact, you’ll taste a spectrum of the top wines: red, rosé and white at the best Châteaux and Domaines of the region, labeled « Côtes de Provence » which is nowadays more and more valuable. Our “Oënologue” will tell you all the secrets about wine and you can discover the quality and the wine variety and learn how to evaluate a « Côte de Provence » wine, its color, its bouquet and its aromas. The vineyard has been called “Côtes de Provence” since the 19th Century . The end of the 20th Century marks their rebirth as quality wines linked to the region’s geography, its climate and the growers’ “SAVOIR FAIRE” (KNOW-HOW) From the early 20th century, excessive production had harmful effects on the quality of wine and measures had to b

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Medieval action in Rakvere castle

Rakvere 05:00hs 0 reviews

You're coming to Estonia but don't want to have a usual walk or bus ride? Are You feeling thirsty for some real action, not only the stories? You want to get unforgettable memories from your trip? If You answered 'yes' to these questions, then this tour is meant for You. How did the castles of Estonia look like in 16th century and who built them? What kind of weapons did medieval knights use and how did they work? Try to make some gun-powder and then burn it in the open air, see a barber in his work and take a peek inside people's worst fears - torture, death and even the hell itself. Rakvere will give you a trip to remember.

Guided by:Aleksandr Golubev



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